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  • Mozambique showcases a new visa program to allow visitors a 90-day stay upon entry
  • The travel and tourism industry’s overall contribution to Mozambique’s gross domestic product in 2019 was 6.2%, but that number dropped to 3.4% in 2020.
  • In 2021, Tourism receipts counted for nearly $700 million, accounting for approx. 4.1% of total GDP (according to World Travel and Tourism Council)

After the first publication of a stimulus package consisting of twenty measures at the beginning of August, Mozambique made an announcement regarding one of the first measures to be put into action: a reformed Visa system.

Mozambique’s Council of Ministers made the announcement that it had approved amendments that are anticipated to have an impact on both tourism and international investments.

Visitors to Mozambique will now be able to stay in the country for a total of 90 days, up from the previous maximum of 30 days. This change …

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Energy Resources across Africa.Source Research Gate Oghomwen Igbinovia

As Africa’s role in the global economy continues to garner prominence, it’s imperative for the continent to seal the gaping hole in its power supply.

Lack of universal power access remains a major roadblock that has retrogressed industrialization and socio-economic development. Statistics from the World Bank indicate that Africa remains the least electrified region in the world, with 568 million people lacking access to electricity.

The Bretton Woods institution, further notes that the Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of the global population without electricity, jumped to 77 per cent in 2020 from 71 per cent in 2018, whilst most regions saw declines in their share of access deficits. It has become a Hobson’s choice for African governments to prioritize the power sector, which is the epicenter of industrialization, working towards Goal 7 of the UN SDGs; which advocates for universal access to affordable, reliable and modern electricity services.

Currently, Africa’s power is …

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Last March the IMF and Mozambique announced they’ve reached a staff-level agreement on a US $470M facility marking the fund’s much-anticipated return to the country.

At the same time, a set of measures were presented in line with the upcoming new program including the approval of a sovereign wealth fund legislation, fiscal & governance reforms, and the publication of a report on the management of funds the country received from donors as part of its COVID emergency response.

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In line with the announcements, the Ministry of Finance has published today (document in Portuguese) a report showing that at the beginning of the pandemic, the country forecasted a total need of US$700M in order to mitigate the effects of the crisis. The document refers to US$386,5M in funds deployed in the 2020 fiscal year received from the IMF, the AfDB, the European Union, the US government, the Islamic Bank, …

SA business head to Mozambique for investment opportunities

A group of South African business people representing 35 companies is expected to travel to Mozambique in search of investment and trade opportunities, the trade and industry department said.

The group will be participating in an Outward Trade and Investment Mission to Pemba and Maputo organised by the trade and industry department from 24 – 29 November

The trip’s objective is to increase bilateral trade and investment between South Africa and Mozambique by exposing South African companies to available opportunities in Mozambique. Nomalungelo Gina Trade and Industry Deputy Minister will lead the mission.

According to the department, the specific focus of the mission will be on designated industrial and infrastructure projects as stated in the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on economic cooperation between the two countries.

Keitumetse Moumakoe, the executive director of the Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa, said his main objective for travelling to Mozambique is to …

Barclay's rebranding as Absa Bank in Mozambique

Barclays Bank in Mozambique is to rebrand as Absa Bank from November 11, Rui Barros the Deputy Director announced yesterday.

Speaking at a press conference in Maputo, he said they have introduced the new logo at ATMs and counters in Mozambique to ensure a gradual and natural change.

The bank is in 49 locations in Mozambique with two-thirds of the brand change already underway and operations expected to be concluded in the next two months.

Mr Barro assured that cards, accounts, access keys and cheques in Mozambique would remain active and functional during the rebranding period. He added that the Barclays branded cards and checks would not be restricted after November 11th and will gradually replace them over the coming months.

“The bank is about to enter a new stage, with great opportunities that will allow us to realize our ambition for growth as an independent African bank,” Mr Barros …

United Arab Emirates strengthens its presence in Mozambique

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been strengthening its presence in Mozambique with it becoming the third-largest exporter of diverse products to Maputo in 2018.

The UAE investment level approved by the Agency of Investment and Export Promotion (APIEX) reached over $1 billion between 2014 and 2018, with 20 companies from the UAE investing in Mozambique market.

Abdulla Momade, representative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in Maputo said that their investments in Mozambique have focused on energy, logistics and real estate.

Looking at commercial transactions, the volume of trade between Mozambique and the United Arab Emirates is reported to be around US$700 million. In 2018 alone, trade between the two countries was US$500 million.

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The Persian Gulf country exports to Mozambique products such as lubricants, various machinery and motor vehicles while it buys from Mozambique ores, tobacco, aluminium, precious stones …

Looking for growth opportunities? Africa is a continent with huge economic potential.

It has been gradually transformed in the past 20 years and we are on the cusp of significant growth, with blossoming entrepreneurship and plenty of opportunities for smart and simple business solutions.

Africa is on the rise

Africa is a 1.2bn-person market, a number expected to double over the next 30 years. Generally, business leaders tend to overestimate the challenges of doing business in Africa and underestimate the size and potential on the African continent. Thereby not stating that the African markets are easy to do business in, but emphasising that they are worth the effort, and companies not engaged in African markets risk losing out on one of the 21st century’s great growth opportunities.

One of the fastest growing economies in Africa

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world but it will see large-scale …

Is social responsibility the way to Africa - The Exchange

I won’t go into details (you will have to seduce me first) but the country has genuinely a special place in my heart. And trust me, I’ve been around, so that means a great deal to me.

I don’t usually get this personal – in fact I don’t think I ever did – but last week as I visited Maputo I came across a truly remarkable initiative whilst getting involved with a special economic zone. Let’s be honest, Corporate Social Responsibility is often seen by corporations as just another item on their checklist as they make their way to approving projects. Particularly if their operations have a significant impact on the surrounding communities – think natural resources and infrastructure. I am always surprised by the number of senior executives I come across who “talk the talk” regarding social impact but care very little whenever marketing and compliance are not at …

Total edging closer to Rovuma Basin - The Exchange

The French are coming!

Last Friday Anadarko’s takeover bid by the Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) was officially approved by 99% of its shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting resulting in the combination of two of the largest oil producers in the Houston area. Although this was the largest deal in recent years, it placed Oxy in a challenging position.

The company took some $40 billion in debt to make the deal a reality, including Anadarko’s existing debts.
In addition, early this week the market reacted nervously as Evercore ratings downgraded their stock saying that Anadarko’s acquisition makes the company “larger but less valuable”.

Nevertheless, Anadarko’s Mozambican assets are now on Oxy’s balance sheet and with the recent FID, it is poised to become a reference for African LNG for years to come. Oxy never made secret that the focus of this acquisition was Anadarko’s Permian Basin assets, which are now being …

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