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MTN Rwanda offers very popular mobile money services but reports hold that traders are not satisfied with the commission charges on payments. Photo/Dignited

In the move to a cashless society, Rwandans are also showing appreciation for this leadership and quality of service, again the numbers say it all, MTN customer market share increased by 2.9pp to 65.7%.

Rwanda, as most all  of the rest of Africa, is experiencing continued increase in demand for data. This demand puts pressure on delivering the needed services at affordable rates, especially giving the increasing cost of data. So it is worth noting and a lesson for  the rest of the East African bloc, that the government of Rwanda has taken a bold but very visionary move in changing its Broadband policy.

Rwanda has shown its commitment to accelerate broadband coverage by adopting such measures as the introduction of wireless technology neutrality, which has significantly allowed for improved  efficiency. On the ground, this is translated in the form of rolling out of next generation technologies like LTE and …

Rwanda launches campaign to collect 1M smartphones

Rwanda launched a campaign to collect one million smartphones to increase access to phones. With the country’s smartphone penetration at 20 per cent according to officials, connect Rwanda aims to increase the access of the devices.

Around 1.6 million Rwandans own smartphones out of the 10 million Rwandans who own mobile phones this is according to Statistics from the ministry of information and communication technology (ICT) and innovation.

“The Connect Rwanda campaign is aimed at increasing smartphone ownership in the country. To date, phone penetration stands at 79.8 per cent, but smartphone penetration is still low at 14.6 per cent,” said Paula Ingabire, Rwanda’s ICT and innovation minister.

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She added that smartphones are critical to helping Rwandans gain access to online services and information.
She said that Rwanda has digitised several services and many businesses are going e-commerce …