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We all know the emergence of blockchain technology has transformed the landscape of finance offering new opportunities for social and economic empowerment globally.  What we fail to realize is that this is especially important in the developing world, where millions are unbanked, unemployed and underserved, yet nothing is being done. In light of this, under the aegis of the Humanity Protocol, a new venture is surfacing that seeks to change this space. Known as the Dream Play, the initiative seeks to provide income opportunities for African and Asian entrepreneurs, setting a new standard for sustainable employment.

A New Horizon for Entrepreneurs

Originally known as the Africa Startup League, the rebranded Dream Play, represents a significant evolution. As a platform for showcasing entrepreneurial skills it has morphed into a comprehensive ecosystem where young innovators will access jobs and create substantial economic impact. This transformation aligns with the broader goals of …

Angle Fair

On the 5th of November 2020, the 8th Angel Fair Africa will be virtual instead of in Dakar, Senegal due to the global pandemic[1]. $23M of deals have happened over the last seven events which brought selected entrepreneurs to pitch to a room of angel investors whose primary intent was to DO DEALS[2]. In April last year, Connected Med who was in our 2016 cohort was bought by the pharmaceutical giant Merck – the first exit by any company that has participated in our event.[3] The events have also resulted in numerous joint ventures, trade, sales, mentorship, relationships and other deals that we not have even recorded.


In September 2013 when we launched the event in South Africa my friend Russell Southwood, editor of Balancing Act Africa wrote the most amazing headline – “Angels Over Johannesburg – South Africa hosts the first …

Angel Fair Africa - The Exchange

Forty-three leading global investors from Africa, Europe, the US, and the Middle East have signed up to participate virtually in the 8th Angel Fair Africa on 5th November 2020.

The investors are from Angel Africa List (AAL), Africa Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (AVCA), America Capital Association (ACA), Women-In-Capital (WIC), Viktoria Business Angel Network, Brightmore Capital, amongst others. Anime Partners and MSM Property Fund are supporting the investor participation.

The ten selected ventures to pitch to these investors have gone through our one-month Africa Virtual Accelerator (AVA) @ They are, ShopMeAway led by Racine Carr; Kalpay led by Ibrahima Kane; AgroInnova led by Amos Narh; Adi&Bolga led by Abimbola Oladeji; Kladika led by Muthoni Mwangi; Gift Pesa led by Pamela Muriuki; Ejoobi led by Simangele Mphahlele; Kweza led by Ropafadzo Musvaire, Afrijob Network led by Harriet Kariuki and Curacel led by Henry Mascot. Their participation …

Digital Medicine in Africa - The Exchange

President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel once said “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. It provides the opportunity to do things that were not possible to do before”.[1] When the COVID-19 crisis hit the global north the fear was that it would be most devastating in Africa with Bill Gates predicting that ten million lives would be wiped out by the virus.[2] But he was wrong because African leaders did what was not possible before – they locked down their countries and instituted adherence to the protocols of social distancing and washing of hands. These preventive measures and the sudden change of behavior slowed down the virus’s serious impact in Africa. According to Harvard Health preventing the spread of the virus is rooted in behavioral change.[3] Starting up new behavior in the new normal was what the US and Europe could not …

4 Trends in Africa Overcoming the global pandemic - The Exchange

Africa appears to have narrowly escaped the level of devastation that COVID19 is wreaking in the global north with China as its entry.[1] As if the virus followed the global supply chain to destroy it.[2] The global supply chain links China to the global north before connecting to Africa[3] so by the time the virus got here African leaders shut the borders – that is the saving grace despite the doom’s day prophecies of Bill Gates.[4] Africa got it right this time around without the help of the western saviors which begs George Ayittey’s famous quote “Africa is poor because she is not free”.[5]

According to the IMF[6] and WorldBank[7], Africa would experience her first recession in 25 years, but it would not be as severe as the global north.[8] Her recovery in my view could be fast-tracked by four mega …

Nigerian outfit TriciaBiz launches online Business School for Entrepreneurs in Africa

Business coach and trainer, TriciaBiz has launched an online business school, Business Lab Africa with the aim of helping entrepreneurs in Africa succeed in business. The school, which offers a new approach to learning, is subscription-based and is geared towards providing quality content at a price MSMEs can afford.

According to its management, not only is BLA easily accessible via mobile or web, it also offers knowledge that is practical, qualitative and locally relevant.

Courses on the BLA curriculum, are taught by business experts from around the world covering a wide range of business subject areas including Marketing, Sales, Global Expansion, Business Structure and Processes, Business Models and more.

Speaking on the operations of the platform, Lead Trainer of the school, Tricia  Ikponmwonba said that BLA’s faculty consists of trainers with deep business knowledge having consulted and trained for several Fortune 100 companies and taught a combined pool of over