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The Zimbabwean government introduced a transportation system that has the Zupco taking lead in ferrying passengers across the nation. For now, the major part of the ZUPCO fleet remains the private bus and commuter omnibus operators under the franchise agreement.

However, the busses on the ground are not enough and this has led to the rise of the ‘Mushika-Shika’ system (private cars illegally ferrying passengers to and from work). Operators who are not under the franchise have of late been taking advantage of the shortage of buses to offer transport to commuters at higher fares than those charged by Zupco.

The police at the moment is running a ‘No Mushika-shika’ operation and this has made movement extremely difficult in Zimbabwe. Police mounted roadblocks on all major roads, arresting motorists carrying more than three people in their vehicles. According to New Zimbabwe, commuter omnibuses that are not registered with the ZUPCO franchise are either being impounded or asked to drop passengers.