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EPA forum pictures

According to the statement, the Forum will have several interactive engagements and presentations focusing on opportunities for Namibian and EU traders, agriculture and agro-processing, manufacturing, and trade facilitation and logistics.

The ministry of trade serves as the coordinator for the plan’s initial goal, which is to provide improved coordination and cooperation across institutions and organizations addressing areas related to EPA implementation.

It is also concentrated on establishing and enhancing the performance of important institutions involved in EPA implementation.

Making a case for technical support to strengthen the necessary legal, institutional, and infrastructure frameworks for Namibia’s EPA implementation is the third point of emphasis.…

Airlink Invests in FlyNamibia.

FlyNamibia will adopt Airlink’s “4Z” International Air Transport Association (IATA) designator for its ticket sales and scheduled flights under a commercial franchise agreement. Although it will continue to operate under its own commercial risk.

Namibia’s only scheduled carrier will retain its own corporate identity, brand, and aircraft livery.

According to an announcement made at a news conference in Windhoek on September 28, 2022. FlyNamibia’s inventory will be promoted on Airlink’s reservation system and through its international codeshare partnerships and the changes will come into effect as soon as practicable.

Airlink and FlyNamibia will also optimise their schedules to provide the most convenient connections between their respective flights and with long-haul intercontinental flights provided by Airlink’s other commercial partners, which include more than 20 of the world’s leading global airlines.…

Heineken in Namibian beer grab.

The regulator said retailers would be free to allocate up to 10% of chilled space/refrigerators in each beverage cooler owned by NBL or Distell Namibia in any on- and off-consumption outlet in Namibia.

“This allocation right will apply only to products manufactured or packaged in Namibia by Namibian-owned and Namibian-controlled companies. The existing NBL commercial policy must be amended, and the merged entity will educate its employees and inform the market of the new changes to its commercial policy,” the conditions read.

The commission said it identified entry barriers as a concern, particularly the ability of small Namibian companies to enter the market.

NBL’s commercial policy prohibited retailers from placing other products in NBL-branded refrigerators. After the merger, the likelihood of this policy being enforced could deter or limit the entry of Namibian-owned and Namibian-controlled undertakings into the market.…

Namibia and Botswana discard the use of passports.

Once fully embraced by all Member States, the free movement of people within Africa is expected to have many important positive effects, including an increase in intra-African trade, commerce, and tourism; easier labour mobility; knowledge and skill sharing within Africa; the promotion of pan-African identity, social integration, and tourism; an improvement in trans-border infrastructure and shared development; the encouragement of an all-encompassing approach to border management; and the promotion of the rule of law, human rights, and shared development

Nationals of Namibia and Botswana will no longer require passports to travel between the two nations after the presidents of those nations decided to open their borders to one another.

The declaration was made at the opening ceremony of the Botswana-Namibia binational commission at the Gaborone International Convention Center by Namibian President Hage Geingob.…

Rössing uranium mine near swakopmund in

Paladin is restarting its Langer Heinrich uranium mine in Namibia that was idled due to low prices. Australian uranium producers, including Paladin, have raised close to US$282.08 million in share sales this year to fund exploration and resuscitate mines.

The current primary uranium supply is unable to meet demand, and the deficit is being met by secondary supplies and inventory drawdowns, Paladin CEO Ian Purdy said at the Digger & Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie, Australia.

The average annual deficit is projected to be in the range of 40 million pounds over the coming decade, he told the forum.…

Windhoek and Berlin to cooperate on green hydrogen development.

In June, Zawya Projects announced that Namibia had received 25 submissions for pilot projects, from which it plans to select no more than five.

The four projects – the Daures, Namport, Cleanergy, and TransNamib projects – have a combined value of over N$890 million (53,39 million euros), and some of the funds will be sourced by the initiators of the projects. The four projects will be located in the Erongo region, which has been marked as ‘valley 1’ of the envisaged national hydrogen ecosystem.…

Trophy hunting puts South Africa’s tourism industry in peril. Hunters with their kill.

Trophy hunting is permitted across large swaths of Africa today. Many of the animals hunted and exported for trophies are smaller game, such as impala and warthogs.

Still, most of the revenue generated from commercial hunting comes from the so-called charismatic Big Five: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, and buffalo.

Restrictions on trophy hunting imports have been imposed in the US, Europe, and Australia. At the same time, the UK recently announced that it would “ban imports from thousands of species as part of a wider UK drive on international conservation”.

  • Minister of environment, forestry, and tourism Pohamba Shifeta says the banning of hunting trophy imports by the United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, and Finland may have negative consequences for Namibia and its wildlife
  • A total of 5001 trophy hunters visited Namibia for hunting in 2019. German tourists or hunters were the highest with a total of 1792 (36 per cent)
  • While
De Beers Unveils

De Beers also said the ship’s state-of-the-art dynamic positioning system optimizes its performance in changing weather conditions to minimize energy use. It also generates fresh water through its heat recovery systems and a reverse osmosis plant.

“The Benguela Gem is the first of its kind and represents an outstanding feat of engineering design, technology innovation, and sustainability performance,” said De Beers Group CEO Bruce Cleaver.

The vessel was designed and built in Europe, and the mission equipment was designed and built in Cape Town in large modules parallel to the vessel built in Europe. The mission equipment was then integrated into the vessel in Cape Town by De Beers Marine.

In terms of performance, according to an article by The Namibian dated July 29, 2022, South Africa, Botswana, and Canada all saw diamond production levels dipping at 4%, 4%, and 24%, respectively.…

Kenya's Electricity Imports

Last week, the biggest power generation plant in Zimbabwe, Kariba South, was generating only 758MW against an installed capacity of 1 050MW.

Hwange Power Station was generating 411MW against an installed capacity of 920MW.

Completing Unit 7 in November this year and Unit 8 at Hwange Power Station by March next year will add 600MW to the grid and help ensure reliable and sustainable supplies to meet growing demand.

Meanwhile, ZESA can now legally incorporate drones in its service delivery. This announcement was made at an event the national power company held to mark its acquisition of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (ROC).…

Six African nations launch the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance.
  • The Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance targets accelerating the transition from fossil fuels overreliance that has made the continent reluctant, as fossil fuels drive most economies in the continent
  • Green hydrogen could provide Africans with new access to cleaner energy sources, employment opportunities, public health benefits due to cleaner air, GDP creation and export revenues outside Africa
  • Six African nations have formally launched the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance. The countries include South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Namibia and Mauritania

Six African nations have formally launched the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance. The Alliance aims to make Africa a pioneer in adopting cleaner energy sources by producing green hydrogen.

The countries include South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Namibia and Mauritania.

The countries formally launched the Alliance at the first-ever Green Hydrogen Global Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, with the support of the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, the Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2), …