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As far as where to put money is concerned, Kenya has numerous investment sectors with tremendous potential. The prospective stability and economic recovery expected under the new administration will no doubt make way for the realization of huge money investments in the countries.…

Analysts believe the economic footprint is a mixed bag nine years later, as Kenyatta prepares to relinquish power.

While massive and spectacular infrastructure projects seem to point that East Africa’s largest and most vibrant economy remains in the right direction, increasing state debt, soaring fuel and commodity prices and high unemployment threaten to water down the economic footprint of Kenya’s fourth president Kenyatta.…

Turkish Investment In Naivasha To Create 2,900 Local Jobs

During a press conference on Wednesday, the company’s Chairman Mehment Coskun stated that the KShs91 billion investment would be used to manufacture six different products.

These products include ceramic and granite tiles, sanitary towels, toilet paper, towel napkins, and iron and aluminium products.

However, according to Coskun, seventy per cent of their output will be destined for the export market in the United States and Europe.…
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has achieved a lot in his tenure as the Chair of the East African Community, EAC Secretary General Peter Mathuki has said
  • Mathuki pointed out that other key achievements of President Kenyatta as the EAC chair include the admission of DR Congo into the community
  • Mathuki said President Kenyatta’s tenure as the EAC chair also saw the implementation of the common external tariff that discouraged the importation of goods that could be produced locally

President Uhuru Kenyatta has achieved a lot in his tenure as the Chair of the East African Community, EAC Secretary General Peter Mathuki has said.

Speaking ahead of the 22nd Ordinary Summit of the East African Community (EAC) Heads of State in Arusha, Tanzania, Mathuki pointed out that other key achievements of President Kenyatta as the EAC chair include the admission of DR Congo into the community.

“DRC is a full member …

President Uhuru Kenyatta Addressing the Seychellois parliamentarians. Kenya and Seychelles inked a record number of 10 agreements to improve their economic relations.

The cooperation in the blue economy sector agreement, which aims to strengthen capacity building and knowledge exchange in the governance aspects of the blue economy as well as support the circular economy and collaboration in the aquaculture sector, was a key agreement among those inked.

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for cooperation on maritime affairs as well as peace, security, and law enforcement at sea were also inked.

Speaking to the media after the agreements were signed, Kenyatta declared that he and his host had decided to work together even more on issues pertaining to peace and security, particularly marine security.

“Seychelles is an industry pioneer in promoting the blue economy. In that sense, we have decided to intensify our cooperation in order to safeguard and ensure the sustainable use of our ocean resources, according to President Kenyatta.…

DRC in the EAC. The world's best placed economic bloc?

The poor roads in the DRC and the level of insecurity in the country make it difficult and costly to move these mineral resources to the Atlantic port. This makes DRCs decision to join the EAC their most viable option. 

A state-owned shipping line from the Congo, the Lignes Maritimes Congolaises (LMC), has already set base in Kenya and plans to start its operation in Mombasa starting this June. 

The shipping line seeks to channel more exports and imports goods through the port of Mombasa. …

Kenya and Tanzania economic gains from friendly diplomatic relations.
  •  The current president of Tanzania is actively pursuing a foreign policy distinct from the one pursued by the late Magufuli, who served as president before her.
  • Kenya and Tanzania agreed to boost their bilateral ties during the visit of President Samia, marking the conclusion of a challenging chapter marked by trade barriers and border tension.
  • One year after President Samia Suluhu took office, a “softening” of Tanzania’s borders with Kenya, a reduction in non-tariff hurdles, and resolution to bilateral issues have resulted in higher commercial growth in both countries.

Previously strained relations between Kenya and Tanzania

Owing to their strained relationship, Kenya and Tanzania have not realized their goals of establishing a free trade zone for many years. The problems originated from several sources, including the closing of borders, the restriction of collaboration and the free movement of goods and services, the introduction of additional taxes, and the

President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi signing the treaty of accession at State House, Nairobi. This follows the admission of DR Congo into the EAC as the seventh member of the regional bloc.

By strengthening East Africa’s historical ties, DRC’s accession to the community is vital. The accession of DRC will improve both economic and geopolitical ties inside the Community.

A total of five EAC Member States border the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan.

To that end, full membership in the EAC would benefit the people of DRC by allowing them visa-free travel to other EAC nations. In addition, the DRC will nominate nine members of the East African Legislative Assembly and justices to the East African Court of Justice, the Community’s judicial authority.

DRC’s eastern area, which relies heavily on the Dar es Salaam and Mombasa ports for its imports and exports, will benefit greatly from the country’s membership in the EAC, he said.

In terms of size, the DRC dwarfs all six EAC Partner States. DR Congo’s landmass is 2.4 million km2 in comparison …