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  • Kenyatta said the interventions would help an economy that was already recording remarkable recovery
  • The new programme targets the key product and service sectors in thirteen strategic intervention

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the rolling out of the country’s third financial stimulus programme, designed to accelerate the pace of economic growth and to sustain the gains already made.

Speaking during the Mashujaa Day celebrations on Wednesday, October 20, Kenyatta said the interventions would help an economy that was already recording remarkable recovery.

“This rebound is as a result of the gradual reopening of the economy especially the services sector coupled with stronger global demand. This recovery is reflected in the strong revenue performance for the Quarter ending September 2021,” he said.

The new programme, which will be effective 1st November 2021, targets the key product and service sectors in thirteen strategic interventions as listed below.

The first intervention is

Most business executives in Kenya expect a stable economy after the August 9 general elections

At the same time, KEPSA said the initiative will provide a unique platform to facilitate U.S. and Kenyan SME partnerships.

It will also help in supporting women and youth to run Kenyan entrepreneurs as well as U.S. women, minority, and diaspora owned businesses, and help SMEs in both countries address the current challenges many faces to access the two markets.

The agreement was signed by CCA President & CEO Florizelle Liser and KEPSA CEO Carole Kariuki and witnessed by President Uhuru Kenyatta in New York, U.S.A.…

Uganda Milk Taxes Levies

Looking at the bigger picture, speculations are that the milk and milk product levies and taxes are designed to lure Uganda to choose favourably towards other trade issues that are pending.

As local Ugandan media puts it; “Uganda maintains that if there are issues that need to be addressed, they can be handled through bilateral arrangements or the regional trade agreements within the East African Community instead of using arbitrary means such as high taxes.”

Squeezing Uganda to act in its favour, Kenya has also imposed what Uganda is terming ‘a restriction to Ugandan diary products since January 2020.’ Notably, Kenya is Uganda’s largest milk trading partner in the region, yet for over an year now, Kenya has maintained restrictions on Ugandan milk products despite the East African Community (EAC) common market protocol.…

South African Airways

President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta of Kenya has proposed a commercial partnership between Kenya Airways and South African Airways.

Speaking on Wednesday August 11, 2021 in Mombasa during a virtual meeting with South African Minister for International Relations and Cooperation Ms Naledi Pandor, President Kenyatta said that there was need for Kenya and South Africa to deepen their economic political collaboration.

This, according to the Kenyan head of state will help the two nations see how they can share their ideas and experiences with the rest of the continent.

The virtual meeting was also attended by Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo.

Kenya-South Africa Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC)

President Kenyatta during the meeting called for the elevation of the Kenya-South Africa Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC) so as to deepen bilateral ties between the two countries.

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samia uhuru


In what has been christened her first official state visit, Tanzania President Samia Suluhu Hassan has today begun her two day visit to neighbouring Kenya.

The visit is considered her first state visit and not her recent trip to Uganda, which was more of a ‘business trip’, meant to but sign the multi-billion-dollar oil pipeline deal and not a diplomatic visit to discuss diplomatic relations and economics.

The highly anticipated visit is expected to strengthen diplomatic ties as well as iron out economic creases that the two countries had wrangled themselves in over the course of the past few years.

The trip comes as a fulfillment of President Samia’s pledge to parliament that her administration will without fail ‘restore and improve economic diplomacy with partners in the region and across the world.’

The visit is also seen as part of the president’s move to attract investors, a goal that needs …


Petition to Investigate Bill Gates for 'Crimes Against Humanity' Goes Viral | Neon Nettle in 2021 | Bill gates, Refugee crisis, Women in africa

When one of the World’s richest couples decides to divorce then yes we are all warrant to Tweet our P and Qs. So, as the social media world continues to dot the couples’ i’s and cross their t’s let as look at ‘the poor man’ in one of the World’s wealthiest people.

As of February this year, Bill Gates’ net worth of over $137 billion, keeping the world renown philanthropist right up their with the rest of the World’s richest people.

But that is not what makes Bill Gates standout, it is his willingness to aide the world’s poorest that sets him apart from the other World titans.

Only recently, through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, has set aside a $306 million package in agricultural development grants for Africa and other parts of the developing World.

Over the years, Bill Gates has invariably donated and granted Africa …


As the World shakes off the effects of Covid-19, the global energy sector has a long way to go to recover, but the baby steps have begun.

In his remarks at the 20th Meeting of the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC), mid last month, the OPEC Secretary General, Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, underscored the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and what he described as ‘…its complete disruption of daily life.’

 “These monthly meetings of both the JTC and the JMMC send a reassuring message that we are ready, willing and able to address shifting market conditions”, he said during the video conference.

The SG maintained that ‘…the historic actions taken by OPEC and its partners in the DoC have contributed to an improved balance in the oil market compared to the situation in April, however, the JTC and JMMC must remain vigilant in monitoring market conditions.”

While the global

Housing and construction sector key in post pandemic recoveries -Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta, President Kenya emphasized the importance of housing and construction sector in the post-Covid recovery plans during the Shelter Afrique’s 39th AGM and Symposium in Nairobi.

Reading a speech on his behalf at the opening ceremony, the Cabinet Secretary Infrastructure, roads, housing and urban development, Mr James Macharia, Uhuru Kenyatta said despite the severe impact the sector has experienced due to economic slowdown, the sector can rebound quickly.

“The construction sector can therefore be targeted to lead the rebound in the broader economy. Economic history teaches us that the construction sector, including housing construction, has been very effective in driving economic recovery. Housing construction provides excellent opportunities for job creation,” President Kenyatta said, adding that while the construction sector requires significant capital, record-low interest rates have made the cost of financing construction projects remarkably affordable.

Housing and construction sector key in post pandemic recoveries -Uhuru Kenyatta

“The affordable housing agenda should remain front and centre in the economic recovery debate …

Ibadan Standard Gauge Railway construction undertaken by the Chinese -The Exchange

Across the continent to West Africa where we find one of Africa’s largest economies, Nigeria. Here we find another railway deal gone bad, the $500 million Lagos – Ibadan railway.

In a similar manner to Kenya’s SGR debacle with China, which resulted in Kenya sinking heavily into debt that it simply cannot afford to pay and restructure, Nigeria is now finding a similar fate.

According to the country’s Director General for Nigeria’s Debt Management Office (DMO) Patience Oniha, when making a deal with China, ‘…the Chinese determine the cost of projects, give us loans tied to the projects and the projects must be executed by Chinese firms alone.’

It is alleged that not only does China force importation of even the smallest of laborers but also all the equipment and guess where they are imported from? Yes, China.

It is further argued that by so doing, China is using these …


At the onset of the pandemic, the two countries, like all others in the region and elsewhere in the world, Tanzania and Kenya closed their borders, for a while. However it soon dawned on both that closing their borders from each other (and their neighbours) was but a band-aid solution.

The underlying trade logistics are already so entwined that no country could do without the other, short of losing hard-gained economic ground. So, no sooner had they closed their borders than the two countries were forced to reopen them.

That is where the third set of complications surfaced; the first — the onset of the coronavirus — was not through any fault of the countries. The second — the closure of their borders in line with international recommendations — was in response to the first, and the third was the lack of a concerted, joint response.

It is the third …