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The Tanzanian gaming sector has been taking tremendous shifts over the past five years, witnessing various investors taking a bite into Tanzania’s gaming market with open hands.

According to the ongoing prospects in the gaming industry in Tanzania, it is worth exploring the scenario that: gaming activities might have a substantial contribution to Tanzania’s Revenue Authority (TRA) tax collections.

More importantly, the Tanzanian government is having an all-out strategy to enhance its revenue collection, hence—it managed to score an all-time record of $ 762.4 million tax collection in September 2019.

Per Tanzania’s Ministry of Finance and Planning report, during the financial year 2018/2019, Tanzania garnered over $ 6 billion in tax revenue, whereas—the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT), indicates that the sector’s contribution to the government reached over $ 41 million in the fiscal year 2018/2019, compared to $ 33 million in 2017.

The gaming industry has witnessed a …

There has been a recorded steady growth in the gaming industry in Tanzania, since the 2000s.

In a country that collects approximately US$ 6 billion in tax revenue per year, the gaming industry(casino gambling, sports betting, lottery, and slot machines) might come in handy to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) when seeking taxes, even the Gaming Board of Tanzania, Director General, James Mbalwe affirms the sectors stake into the economy, during an interview with a local media outlet.

“We took a look into the industry, and its contribution to the GDP is around 3 percent” Director-General added

“Biko”,” Tatu Mzuka”, “Moja Spesho”- these popular money making numbers-gaming spheres have contributed immensely in stimulating the sports industry and gaming at large, as more people get attracted into the industry expecting an extra incentive apart from the leisure itself.

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