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A total of 29 entrepreneurs from 11 countries in Africa travel to China to participate in an intensive eFounders Fellowship course and become catalysts for digital transformation

Alibaba Group, Dalberg, A. T. Kearney, Export Trading Group, U.S. African Development Foundation and the Zenith Bank have partnered with the World Economic Forum to launch the Africa Growth Platform. The platform was launched with the goal of helping Africa’s community of start-up enterprises grow and compete in international markets.

The Africa Growth Platform will firstly, secure commitments from governments to implement policy reforms aimed at stimulating and accelerating business growth. Secondly, it aims to build a community of investors, whether private investors, foundations, multilateral institutions or corporate intrapreneurs to enable better coordination and pooling of resources that could facilitate larger subsequent rounds of funding.

Third, the platform will create and sustain a community of start-up businesses themselves, promoting collaboration and sharing best practices.

The need for an innovative approach to helping Africa’s start-ups reach the scale where they become sustainable is backed up by data. Two-thirds of Africa’s 420