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Toyota SA invests R454m in minibus production

Toyota South Africa announced an R454m investment in the production of the Hiace Ses’fikile minibus vehicle in Durban.

The Hiace Ses’fikile minibus serves South African taxi industry which has grown to R90 billion. It is the most popular mode of transport in South Africa catering for over 15 million daily commuters and employs over 600,000 people.

Toyota’s investments entail expanding the existing production facility in Durban making its investment in Hilace since 2012 to more than R1 billion.

Speaking at the launch of the facility, trade and industry minister Ebrahim Patel said the automotive industry should prioritise local production of vehicles in line with the automotive master plan that the government unveiled in 2018.

By 2035, Toyota’s master plan seeks to achieve 1% of global vehicle production, which will increase its production from 600,000 units to almost 1.4 million units per year.

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