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PadiliJames MajicomPic1The majicom sustainable water kiosk platform called Maji Jua

Water is a very crucial resource for Tanzania, and it is valid to say Tanzania has a significant supply of water, with almost 126 billion cubic meters of water resources.  This means the East African nation has a huge potential to advance water security to its population of more than 54 million. 

As the world gets integrated via advanced diplomatic relations, modern technology and scientific breakthroughs, vital aspects of life, too, improve from that.  This means Tanzania’s water scientists, digital technology experts and think-tanks get a chance to work with United Kingdom’s Cambridge University scientists to develop robust digital water access products. 

Water scenario in Tanzania 

According to the Ministry of Water, demand for domestic, irrigation and industrial use stands at 40 billion cubic meters per year, and the ministry projects the demand could shoot up to an average of 57 billion cubic meters per year.  

This translates into Tanzania